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Eloquent Profanity

MysticKnyght's Musings

6/18/17 09:25 am - keeping this alive...

don't know why, but what the heck.

5/9/17 08:35 am - Account is still active...

however, I'm not regularly posting here.

8/27/15 09:58 pm - three years...

since I've posted here. Maybe it's time to fix that... :-)

2/20/12 06:33 pm

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

Questions from daysinger

behind the cut to save spaceCollapse )

1. What do you miss most about when your kids were little?
All the questions they would ask! both of mine were so talkative. They are, to an extent--Justin called from Charleston this morning to tell me about their evening out Saturday...he and 5-6 other of his classmates (they're all Ensigns in the navy) went to a fancy restaurant and spent a ridiculous amount of money. But when they were little, they were always questioning. So much fun.

2. If you had to move to another city, but could take one Landmark from New Orleans with you. Which one would you take?
Hmmm...kind of tough here! I would want either my "thinking spot" out on Lake Pontchartrain, which is a section of the seawall by Marconi and Lakeshore drives...OR, I'd want the "Napoleon House." There was always schemes in New Orleans from 1816 to 1820 or so to rescue Napoleon from the island of St. Helena and bring him to New Orleans, and one of the more prominent citizens (and one-time mayor), Nicholas Girod, offered a house in the French Quarter for the emperor to live. Now it's a restaurant with a gorgeous spanish-style courtyard and great po-boys. :-)

3. Where would you like to travel (that you have not yet been).
Spain! So much to see, Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia...but most (if not all) the computer training there is done in Spanish, so they don't need me...

4. Where HAVE you traveled that you would most like to show your friends?
Vienna! So much rich history, wonderful food...hot women... :-) Vienna was the seat of the Holy Roman Emperors, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire...the city of the Habsburgs, of Mozart...so much to do and see. I've been five times now, so I feel comfortable enough to say "hey, D, get on a plane and meet me in Vienna" :-)

5. If you had a movie theater for your own triple feature, what would you show & who would you invite? (I loved this question from rebellibrarian).
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and Chocolat. I'd invite all the geeks I know. All the geekgrrls will come because they get two very geeky movies and Johnny Depp in the third :-)

6. Favorite restaurant of all time?
OK, you know I can't pick just one here. I'm going to say two because one is high-end and the other's a pub. The high end is a place in the French Quarter called Antoine's. It opened in 1840 and is the oldest in town. I first went there when I was 16 (on a date), and I've loved it ever since. But Antoine's isn't cheap, so it's not a place you go every other weekend. There's a pub at the edge of the Quarter called Port of Call--their main thing is a half-pound burger platter served with a baked potato. Back before te storm, they used to do pizzas, too, but now it's all burgers. VERY laid back place you can kick back, eat, drink, it's just wonderful.

7. You are going to drive across America, what place do you choose for your pit-stops, and why?
East coast to west coast...I'd start in Charleston, SC...first pit stop, Atlanta, to switch to I-20 to Birmingham, then I-22 to Memphis. I love Memphis, it's a sister city on the Mississippi. Then I-40 to Little Rock...I-30 through DFW to I-20, to I-10 and El Paso. I-10 to Phoenix, with a stop in Apache country, down by Douglas or Nogales. From Phoenix out to Santa Monica Pier. :-)

The whys: I grew up in the south, so this is a more interesting run for me. Charleston, for all that South Carolina is such a cesspool of right wing nut jobs, is gorgeous...Atlanta, for a big city, still appeals to me. Love Memphis. Little Rock to see the Clinton Presidential Library. Blow through DFW, nothing there appeals to me, then haul-ass across Texas. I taught for a week down in Douglas, Arizona, and had to drive past all the  mountain hideouts the Apache used to hide from the US Army. Those mountains are sooooo beautiful. Then to Los Angeles, and I'm one of those people who actually really does love L.A.

I'll also through in a trip up highway 1 to see all you bay area people :-)

2/19/12 06:25 pm - Pagan/Wiccan naming ritual

cross-posted to solitarywiccans, elaborating on a post by puzleves:

one of my favorite fictional scenes involving ceremonial magicians is from Katherine Kurtz's "Deryni" universe, in a short story called "Healer's Song." Kurtz's Deryni are a race of magic-users, and the tales are essentially medieval sword-and-sorcery. But this particular short story is about the christening of the son of one of the main characters.

ritual idea behind the cut...Collapse )

The ritual framework is like this:

Cast the circle (water, incense, then with a sword or knife)

Close the circle and acknowledge the Deity

Call the quarters-this was particularly lovely. In the tradition of the characters, magic is practiced within a Christian framework, so the Wardens of the Quarters are visualized as Archangels. Four of the group stood in the Quarters and the father of the child went from east-south-west-north with the baby, presenting him to each Warden in turn. Adjust the visualizations to your tradition.

Once the Quarters are called, move forward with the actual work. The rubrics of a Christian baptism aren't all that bad a foundation here, just change the purpose. Christian baptism is to wash away "original sin." Make this a dedication to Lady Goddess and Father God, and we're in business.

Now, for the actual work. Anoint the child with the Four Elements:

Gather the materials to be used (listed below) on the altar and consecrate them to the Goddess. keep this short; remember, you've got a baby in the circle who isn't going to stay still forever. Then anoint the child:

Air: use a censor or perhaps stick incense to circle the child with a pleasant blend.
Fire: burn some sage or other dried herb using a Goddess candle, smudge the child's forehead with the ash.
Water: Sprinkle the child with blessed water using a tuft of greenery, perhaps some of the sage you didn't burn
Earth: Anoint with an essential oil invoking health or wisdom, perhaps something seasonal.

Formally "name" the child, presenting him/her once again to the Wardens of the Quarters as the name is given.

Dedicate the child to the Goddess and God, asking them to watch and guide the child as s/he grows and can make a decision for itself.

Thank the Goddess, God, and the Wardens for their attendance, Break the circle, ground with a simple (or not-so-simple) feast.

If you're going to invite family and friends outside your tradition, possibly chalk out or mark off the circle with string or ribbon, and invite the guests to gather along the edge of the circle. Bring the coven or those assisting you into the circle for the work.

What a lovely time and so much fun could be done with a baby-naming!

2/19/12 08:36 am - Goin back to Cali...

On the plane to LAX...in flight wifi is such a wonderful luxury. Had a nice omelette for breakfast, and will shortly crash for a while.

When I fly into SFO, I usually take BART into the city and go walk the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral. Since this trip is into SJC, I may just stay down there for the day.

G'morning! :-)

2/3/12 06:32 am - Po-Boy...

...a tune from One Mind Brass Band...